Sunday, May 22, 2005

Outdone By Canada Again...

This time in the realm of reality television... WorldChanging takes note of Code Green, "a two-part television special, shown on CBC British Columbia this week, in which four sets of homeowners will be given C$15,000...
...and each will then be asked to employ those funds in a 6-week competition to gain the greatest reduction in energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. All homeowners will benefit from the renovations they’ll complete... and the winner of the competition will further receive the grand prize of a hybrid car [A Honda Civic Hybrid]."
As Jamais points out, the money given to the couples simply isn't enough to do the kinds of renewable energy retrofits we'll see on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight. What they can do with that money, though, is "retrofit many of the home components often most responsible for energy wastage: leaky windows, old furnaces, poor insulation in the walls and attic, door seals, and appliances." In other words, they can use the money to take steps towards energy efficiency that most of us could implement in our homes. Great find -- would love to hear more about the show from anyone who gets to see it.

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