Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sustainablog is moving...

I mentioned some changes last week, and the first one is nearly complete: sustainablog has moved! While there are some things that still haven't taken effect (like the new URL, http://sustainablog.net, directing to the right place), you can go immediately to the new version of the blog at http://sustainablog.greenoptions.com. Yes, sustainablog is now connected to Green Options -- there's more to tell here, but I'm going to wait until we roll some things out at this weekend's San Francisco Green Fest before spilling my guts completely. And if you'll be at Green Fest, come by and say "Hi!" -- we're in booth 775.

This is just one step in getting sustainablog going strong again... more are on the way. I will publish another post or two here to update you on progress, but will start doing substantive posts at the new site... so come by and say "Hi!" there, too.