Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween from sustainablog!

So, clearly it's been a really busy month, so I wanted to make to get at least one post up in October! Happy Halloween -- hope you (and the kids, if you've got 'em) are enjoying yourself... maybe with some Fair Trade chocolate...;-)

My unplanned hiatus over the last month stemmed from some monumental efforts by all of us at Green Options to get some developments in place for the San Francisco Green Fest on November 9-11. We've got some big plans, and, if you're in the Bay Area during the Green Fest weekend, come by our booth and see where we're going... we feel pretty certain that our days of being labeled a "Treehugger clone" (and, hey, there are certainly much worse ways to be perceived) are numbered.

You'll be seeing some changes here in the near future, also. While the Vida Verde collective didn't go quite as well as we hoped (it was a busy month for all of us), I'm going to be back here much more regularly in the very near future. I love my work at GO, but, as I was saying to David today, I do miss being a blogger...

I hope you'll come back by... I'll start giving you reasons to do so again. If you're hard up for some sustainability news, come by and visit my StumbleUpon and pages...

Happy Halloween!