Monday, February 13, 2006

The Green Blogathon is Coming...

The Green Blogathon that Shea Gunther got going is really picking up steam, and a number of our compadres in the Sustainable Blogosphere will be joining in the fun of marathon-style blogging for a good cause. I haven't yet made my intentions clear, and its time to do so. I'm going to stick to a 12-hour shift (don't have days to recover like I did last summer -- and I need 'em), and join Shea in raising funds for the Nature Conservancy. I'll get 25 posts up, so let the pledging begin. You can make your pledge public in the comments, or email me at sustainablog at gmail dot com with it. Shea notes that $75 will save an acre of land in Brazil, so let's see if we can't do at least one here at sustainablog. That means I need a total of 3 dollars pledged for each post. 30 of you could pledge $.10/post, and we're there... I know several of you have said you'd like to join in -- make sure Shea knows... The dates again are February 24-25.

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