Monday, January 03, 2011

5 tips for eco friendly offices

  1. Switch to Laptops: Laptops computers use only 10% of the energy required by desktops, and take up less desk space, opening up the possibility of a smaller office. Even better, buy used laptops. Check out our main blog for a guide to buying a used laptop. You can often get great deals on business ready models.
  2. Avoid the photocopiers: Photocopiers are energy hogs. Use them sparingly, and remember to shut them off at night. Amazingly, A photocopier not turned off overnight and left in standby uses enough energy to produce over 1,500 photocopies.
  3. Switch to LED Lighting: Led lighting can reduce carbon footprint by 70%, and more than pays itself back over time. No-brainier, right? Yet more than 70% of commercial installations have not yet switched over.
  4. Telecommute one day a week: Most people telecommute alone in a car, which, of course, is a huge amount of energy. Also, many people find they are more productive working from home once a week, and look forward to making productive use of the commuting time they save. Encouraging employees to telecommute one day a week will cut your transportation budget by 20% and often leads to happier employees.
  5. Turn down the Heat/AC: Every degree colder in the winter (or hotter in the summer) that you can tolerate over an 8 hour period will lead to a one percent drop in your fuel bills. Try one degree at a time during the day, and turn it down a significant ammonium at night.
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