Friday, November 19, 2010

What does an eco business look like?

Lots of people think that running an eco business means that you have to do something overtly green... grow organic vegetables, make solar panels, etc.

While these are doubtless great things to do, they are not the only option.

As an example, our friend Lily Hart over at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage does a job few would think to associate with eco living. She teaches latin over the internet.

However, her latin tutoring business manages to have a deep green foundation.
  1. She telecomutes, so no cars or subways in her day-to-day carbon footprint
  2. She works from an energy efficient natural strawbale cabin, heated with sustainably harvested wood
  3. She powers her business entirely with renewable solar pannels
  4. She buys used books when possible, and runs a nearly paperless office
Check her out for top quality online latin tutoring, and drop her a line over at her website.

In the comments, let us know what ideas you might have for how a business not normally associated with eco living could become more green!