Saturday, October 28, 2006

Some Much-Needed Housekeeping

It gets away from all of us, doesn't it... those housekeeping chores. For blogging, that generally involves link lists and blogrolls. The Sustainable Blogosphere list has gotten a bit unwieldy (which is really a good thing -- it's great to see so many new green blogs), so I went through and eliminated those that seem to have gone dormant. If I missed one, or if I inadvertantly deleted one by mistake, let me know in the comments.

I also did some cleaning on the Green Blogosphere Squidoo Lens, which I hadn't touched in months... got some things cooking at Squidoo, but I'll save those for tomorrow. I added, subtracted, and shuffled... If you've got suggestions, I'm all ears. I've already noticed a few I missed, but go ahead and let me know if you're not there... I want it to be as comprehensive, and as accurate, as possible.

UPDATE: Help spread the word on the Green Blogosphere Squidoo Lens with a Hugg... thanks to Hugg-er mayloveheal for posting it... I've also posted it to digg, so I'd appreciate your help there, too...