Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sub Pop Receives Green-e Certification

Back in March, I took note of Sub Pop recording artist Kelley Stoltz, whose Below the Branches album received Green-e certification by purchasing "green tags" to offset the energy used to make the CD. Now the label itself, which became famous by recording the music of Nirvana, Mudhoney (the precursor of Pearl Jam) and other Seattle-area "grunge" musicians, is following suit by purchasing renewable energy credits from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to offset 100% of its own energy use:
"I was made aware of the program by one of my co-workers. I was, quite frankly, shocked by how easy it is to support renewable energy. Green Tags are a simple way for anyone to choose wind energy, which, in turn, lowers dependence on burning fossils fuels for energy," said Jonathan Poneman, president of Sub Pop Records. "Green Tags fulfill an important commitment to both the planet and the Pacific Northwest, where Sub Pop is rooted." ...

"Sub Pop has been synonymous with helping talented new artists support their passion for creating music," said Patrick Nye, director of sales at Bonneville Environmental Foundation. "Now, Sub Pop Records is directing the same energy toward new, renewable sources of power."
Congratulations to Sub Pop for taking this step! This little label's started some major musical trends -- let's hope that "green recording" has the same impact on the industry.

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