Monday, February 06, 2006

Carnival of the Green #13

EcoStreet is hosting the Carnival of the Green this week, and it's another big one with lots of variety. While I normally try to point to a number of posts from each Carnival, I'm going to single out Don's at the Evangelical Ecologist, as it's rather controversial... He labels the National Association of Evangelicals' decision to take no position on global warming as "doing the adult" thing, and takes quite a bit of space to present his reasoning. Obviously, I disagree with Don, and still believe the decision was driven more by politics than by a recognition of the complexity of climate change; I don't see any evidence that there's any real lack of consensus on the reality of current global warming or its causes. He is right that its an incredibly complex phenomenon; I don't think, however, that complexity justifies inaction. Don, love to have your two cents here...

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