Friday, January 06, 2006

Sign the CleanPeace Declaration

This one's all over the wires: CleanPeace has published its "Declaration of World Energy Independence, Energy Security and Sustainability," and invites you to sign on. The Declaration contains four principles:
Principle One: Make Transitioning to Renewable Energy a Strategic Objective of all Energy Policies.
Principle Two: Require Equal Funding, Fair Play and Competition in Energy Markets.
Principle Three: Accelerate Construction of Sustainable Energy Infrastructures.
Principle Four: Provide for Peace and Prosperity in Times of Oil Shortages.
I can certainly agree with all four of these principles (which you can read more about on their site), and support the orginization's efforts. Obviously, significant government effort would make a big difference in US development of alternative energy technology -- we're getting our butts kicked in this particular race. The only thing I'm unclear about is CleanPeace's plans for the Declaration once people have signed it...

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