Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Words on Wind

Many interesting new developments over the past few days on wind power:
  • The birds -- The debate over wind power and bird deaths continues, and a suit against operators of the Altamont Pass Wind Farm demanding action in the face of bird deaths is going forward. At the same time, a new Dutch study suggests that "Wind turbines producing "green" energy kill many fewer birds than previously thought and pose less of a threat to avian life than cars,..."
  • Mini wind -- HippyShopper points us to another home-scale windmill that will go into mass production by year's end... Spinneyhead links to instructions on how to build your own small-scale horizontal axis turbine... Alternative Energy Blog takes note of a 13-story building in Manchester, UK, that has created its own micro-wind "farm" that "...will produce 56,000 units of renewable energy each year, enough electricity to service about 5% of the energy needs of the building."
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