Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fuel Cell News

A couple of interesting fuel cell developments:

  • WorldChanging takes note of research right here at St. Louis' Washington University that's led to the development and patenting of "...a new [microbial fuel cell] design that has improved overall energy density and a structure better suited for real-world use. The "Upflow MFC" has stacked chambers, and the test model they built is described as the size of a "thermos bottle" (and 90% of you now have an immediate mental image -- see? Telegenic)."
  • Reader Paco Nathan directed me to a press release from earlier this year that describes research at Princeton University on turning cow manure into electricity via a hydrogen fuel cell. Very interesting, but, as always, my first question is "Where's the hydrogen coming from...?"
  • Finally, an item I've been meaning to get up for several weeks: Curt at Alternative Energy~Renewable Energy has found information describing how a hydrogen fuel cell works. Great news for us science dummies!
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