Monday, July 11, 2005

BRC 18: Net Metering in Indiana

From, news that Northwest Indiana will have net metering available for those customers who want to use renewable energy like solar and wind power but still remain connected to the grid. The article focuses mostly on describing the concept itself, and how consumers benefit from the arrangement:
A key to the net metering program is that customers are paid retail rates for power they contribute to the utility's grid. They are paid in the form of bill credits.

"It functions as an earnings bank for customers," Brann said.

It gives customers the opportunity to be compensated for power produced at times when the renewable energy device is at peak production but demand from the household is light. An example for a wind generator would be a windy morning when the home's residents are away at work and school.

"As much as possible, we want to reduce the customer's need for NIPSCO power to zero," Brann said.
I encourage those of you who live in Missouri to pass this on to your legislators -- tell them "Missouri's behind Indiana on net metering" (we're one of thirteen states that still doesn't have it). I'd say write Gov. Opie also, but I'm sure he'd have to ask his dad about it...

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