Sunday, January 17, 2010

Energy Star Refrigerators

Consider upgrading your older fridge and reap the benefits of a lower electricity bill.

If you have a refrigerator manufactured before 1993 replacing it with an energy star refrigerator could cut the power it draws in half and save you money in the process.  The most energy efficient refrigerators have a top mounted freezer.  This configuration can save between 10-25% when compared to bottom mount or side by side units.  Another thing to consider is purchasing a refrigerator without an ice maker or through-the-door dispenser.  These extras add a considerable energy use and cost to the refrigerator itself.  Remember to recycle your old fridge when you upgrade to an energy star refrigerator.  
LG LTC22350AL Aluminum  Energy Star 22.1 cu. ft. Contoured Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator LTC22350