Monday, June 26, 2006

Hit and Miss This Week...

As I finish up an academic project, and finish up quarterly goals at work, and attend a business/social function. Of course, the Sustainable Blogosphere never sleeps, so here are some goodies to keep you going:
  • Jen's Green Journal plays host to this week's Carnival of the Green.
  • Groovy Green's keeping an eye on the Supreme Court's consideration of Dubya & co.'s failure to regulate CO2 as a pollutant... Michael's not optimistic...
  • Amy's got suburban sprawl on her mind at It's the Environment, Stupid!
  • Joel Makower's discussing the insurance industry's response(s) to global warming.
  • And the Eco-Chicks (Starre specifically) take a look at sustainable art in London.
Just scratching the surface, but you know where to find more. Got to get to work... I'll be back to the regular schedule asap...

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