Sunday, January 22, 2006

Check Out Current TV

Thanks to Current TV's Twilight Greenaway for dropping me a note on the new network founded by Al Gore. I'd heard the rumblings about Current last year, but never checked them out closely -- I like what I see, though. From Twilight's email:
If you haven’t seen the network yet, you can find it on Direct TV (channel 366) and on Comcast and Time Warner Cable in many markets. (Check out for more on availability in your area.) Current has aired everything from hard-hitting enviro-journalism pieces like “Good-Bye Shishmaref,” which chronicles the struggles of native Alaskan villagers soon to be relocated, to “Bio-Skate,” a profile of a company making sustainable skateboards.
At this point, I haven't started watching and rating (just joined the community on Friday -- user name sustainablogger), but I think the idea of community-created programming is very cool. I wonder if some of our more technically-inclined should consider producing a program on the Sustainable Blogosphere (though that would hardly be action-packed). I have Dish network television, so I can't watch Current right now. Has anyone? What do you think...?

Twilight's going to send me press materials, so more to come on this...

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