Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Green" Beer and Blue Skies...

From (a site I'll definitely have to frequent more) comes news that Hood River, OR, brewer Full Sail will participate in the town's drive to become one of the state's leading communities in renewable power development. The town's Blue Sky program should be "a natural fit" for the locally-owned brewery: According to brewmaster Jamie Emmerson,
"As a company, we treat the waste from the brewing process before it goes into the city’s sewer. We recycle spent grain, glass, corrugated cardboard, paper and plastic wrap and we use recycled paperboard for our packaging."

Full Sail’s Blue Sky purchase of 140 blocks per month for 12 months reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 168 tons, which has the environmental benefit as not driving 2,900 round trips to Portland or planting 33,000 trees.
More evidence that addressing sustainability at the most local levels seems to work well...

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