Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Plugging Renewables in the Carribean

While the US certainly needs to discuss the consequences of reliance on foriegn sources of oil and gas, just imagine how much more important such a discussion would be for the island nations of the Carribean that (to my knowledge) have little to no sources of their own of fossil fuels. An op-ed by writer Clarence Pilgrim on Carribean Net News addresses the role of Carribean nations as importers of fossil fuels, and also extolls the benefits that these countries might accrue through a large-scale shift to renewable power production. Pilgrim notes the intermittant nature of many/most renewable sources, but it seems to me that the Carribean might be a close to ideal as it gets for solar and wind power generation. When also considering the economic and educational potential of such a move, it certainly seems like a no-brainer. Anyone have more concrete information on how renewable energy development might play out in the Carribean?

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