Tuesday, July 12, 2005

BRC 39: Is it Just Me...

Or do you agree that an awful lot of pre-packaged organic foods taste like crap?

No, really, I'm not getting loopy here... Take cereal. I'm a guy, so I eat it... I've tried a number of different kinds, and most of them I have trouble finishing a bowl, much less finishing a box. I don't know if it's that pre-packaged doesn't really work for organic foods, or if they're so enriched with vitamins and such that it affects the flavor.

Anyway, I wasn't hopeful when my wife brought home some Kashi granola bars, but you know what -- they're really tasty. I'd be munching on one right now, except the kids like them, too -- and that's saying something. I've tried their cereals and also like them. I think they're good because they're very simple -- no vitamin enrichments, just the basic ingredients. The Cranberry Sunshine cereal I ate had literally four ingredients listed -- when's the last time you saw that on any food item?

I haven't come to any grand conclusions (that is the loopiness setting in), but I thought I'd share...

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