Monday, May 16, 2005

Fuel Cell Success

From the London Times via Eco-Portal, news of promising developments from one company's fuel cell experiments:
THE company developing a fuel cell that could provide every home with its own electricity will tell the stock market today that it has passed a series of industry tests with flying colours.

Ceres Power is expected to say that its fuel cell — which is the size of an After Eight mint — has exceeded global industry standards after thousands of hours of tests.

The fuel cell, which will fit into a domestic central heating boiler instead of a pilot light, can transform boilers into mini-generators that produce both heat and electricity. The cell would provide homes with a clean and cheap form of energy that produces significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than conventional fossil fuels.
This almost sounds too good to be true... And, I wonder how hard traditional electric and gas utilities will fight such developments.

Also, I'd commented some time ago that I really had no idea how fuel cells work, so I was happy to see this post on Spinneyhead's "How to Save the World for Free" pointing to information on how fuel cells produce power.

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