Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oops, I did it again...

Got snarky with a right-wing blogger (you know who you are)... This genius read my comment about his cliched use of military imagery (thought I didn't use the word cliche' -- that's French, by God!) and decided to delete my post for "talking shit about the military" -- he also called me a "hippy." Since I'm sure this defender of the American way is lurking (c'mon, couldn't help yourself, could ya'), I should point out that I was directing my criticism (whoops -- translation: "talking shit") at you. I wouldn't dream of insulting our men and women in uniform -- I've got a child in the military. I find macho men who leech off of our soldiers' real bravery while they sit at home far from the battlefield really, really pathetic, though.

Please note: The semester's just over, and I'm feeling a little giddy. If faithful readers would prefer I don't post about my adventures in right-wing fantasy land, let me know.