Sunday, October 03, 2004

Boy, I hate it when that happens...

Had a fun, fact-filled post almost ready for you, and then in my urge to close down multiple windows deleted it.... arrggghhh!

Anyway, both Bob of Howlings and Curtis of Alternative Energy~Renewable Energy have posts (here and here) on congressional renewal of the Wind Energy Tax Credit, which expired late last year. I highly recommend browsing both, as Bob has several good pieces up comparing John Kerry's and George Bush's positions on the global warming and energy (and I can't wait for these issues to come up in the debates), and Curtis notes the dearth of investment opportunities in renewable energy.

I suggest you browse the other blogs on the right: great stuff on WorldChanging and Eco-Portal's Newsfeed. And welcome back to the Biodiesel Blog -- good to hear from you.